I have a lot of skills and am good at alot of things. My problem over the years was choosing which ones i loved and studying to become great at them.

Skills: Writer DIrector Actor Martial Artist Videographer Video Editor Swimming Fight Choreography/Stage combat/Movement Adaptable loves criticism Professional Hard worker Ambition Always looking to the future Critical

Negative Traits:
Impatient Time management issues Occasional Priority issues Critical

I need to take my time more when developing a creative project or skill. I’m always in a rush to sere the result that i dont prepare enough. This has hindered my progress and I can’t let that happen anymore. Knowing what some of my faults are will help me identify when i am making a bad choice or about to make a bad choice.



Blog #4

I am a filmmaker, actor, film editor, videographer, writer, black belt in Chun Kuk Do, Martial Artist, and fight choreographer. After a few years of hustling as a event videographer in the Dallas Nightlife filming at big clubs and big events, shooting big names like Drake, Rick Ross, Vanilla Ice, and T,I, I realized that being a videographer is not what i want to do. I also have been making short films since 2006 and wanted to be a Director. I realized that isn’t what i want to pursue yet at this age. I want to be an Actor and combine my knowledge of martial arts, and movement, and become a fight choreographer. With these two jobs i hope to be able to have a secure income doing what i love. But i have no plans at stopping there, i’m aiming for the top. 
After only starting college theatre in the summer of 2012 at a community college, i’ve had great starting success and became a professional actor landing a lead role in Shakespeare Dallas’s Midsummer of 2013 as Puck in Midsummer’s Nights Dream. Now that i’m in there company, i’ve been called for 2 professional stage readings already. At this rate my resume will be stacked after graduation in 3 years.

Road to Success

One word represents my entire being. Adapt. My entire concept is based around being the most complete me. It doesn’t matter how well my competitors are doing or training because there’s nothing i can do about that. I just know that when my name, number, or moment is called, i’ll be as ready as i’m aware to be. Not because i’m cocky or over-confident, because i’ve put in time, sweat, blood into becoming the most complete Kamen that i can be. When i turned 18 and wasn’t sure what to do with my talents, or even in my life, I reached out to my Grand Master Chuck Norris’s brother, Aaron Norris on advice on the entertainment business. He said, “learn how everything works.” And that’s exactly what i’ve done. Now i’m 22 and i’ve done my best to hone in on all of my skills. I strive to have a strong and clear speaking voice, a super-human athletic body, the techniques of acting, the ability to produce and edit my own films, and the social and marketing skills to sell myself. This format i have has the flexibility to adapt and is constantly open to new advice and has yet to fail me. How can i plan of being the best ‘You’ ever fail. It has catapulted me directly onto my path and makes the cloudy road to success, much more clear.

Being the Best
Being a logical person, I’ve learned fast that “being the best” is a false concept as an artist. Of course there will be competitions to test your art against others, but in the end it is all based on opinions and hype instead of facts. Art is what speaks or relates to you. No ones art will REALLY be better than anyone else’s. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE.

Grades or Approval?
I’m more focused on gaining new knowledge and gaining approval from the people who can move my career as an actor forward. I’m always trying to put myself in a position to win, be chosen, be seen, be noticed.

Never really thought about it until now. I need to enjoy and value the journey more and stop focusing solely on the ending. 
I feed off the intensity of a crowd. I love to present something that’s “impossible” to the audience, something they wish they can rewind, and just have to tell someone about.

Fame or Money
Both. It sounds crazy but I say why not. I need the money to support myself. Fame, not because i’m a spotlight fanatic, but because i’m uncomfortable with introducing myself and HATE small talk. I avoid it at all cost unless i’m in a position to gain contacts or networking. One of my side goals is to never have to introduce myself. 


In Work Habits Reading #1, “Develop an Understanding before trying to remember” really stuck with me. I believe that’s the best way to not only memorize but to learn the concepts of my studies. I feel like some classes assign too much broad reading assignments and test immediately on the subjects. This leaves no time for much of the material that I’ve read to really resonate with me. This forces me to stray from understanding a topic and just flat out downloading the material, for short-term use, in my head.

In Work Habits Reading #2, The Marsh mellow effect was very interesting. I would’ve been the kid that waited for the 2nd marshmallow. Not even for the sake of having two marsh mellows but because someone offered me a challenge. I can withstand large amounts of pain (physical,emotional, spiritual) by not only using ways to distract myself, but hanging out to the simple thought that, “The pain can’t last forever.”

I need to improve my work habits. I tend to put my creations (film projects/scripts/ideas) first in my life and have recently learned to put school first out of sheer necessity. The way I’ve comprised with my creative brain and passionate heart is to jot down all ideas,quotes,concepts,thoughts, and characters on a notepad for safe-keeping and remembering. This calms my brain and heart down by showing it that it’s OK to focus on something school work. Those great ideas are now safe.


I’m the type of person who likes to be on top of everything i’m doing, but it’s getting harder with taking all of these classes, doing shows outside of school, and working on my own short films. These last 2 weeks I’ve definitely learned school is the priority and the expectations are high, just how i like them.


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